Wednesday, April 27, 2011

P100P #012 - Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation

Ole Henriksen’s Sheer Transformation oil free moisturiser did nothing for my skin.  I really struggled to finish it.  It wasn’t moisturising enough and I can’t recommend it for dry skin at all.  I had seen another YouTube guru using it, and we tend to have very similar skin woes, so I was hoping I would see the same fantastic results on my skin.

I bought it as part of the 3 Little Wonders box set, which also included the Truth Serum and an Invigorating Night Gel.  This kit retails overseas for USD$70, but will cost you a whopping AUD$165 if purchased locally in Australia.  The products are aimed for the anti-aging market and promise to deliver ‘truly transformative results as they embrace your skin with protection, comfort and hydration. Every product works to defend against signs of aging by firming, lifting, retexurizing, tightening and evening out skin tone with light, oil-free formulations.’

Here’s what Ole Henriksen says each product will do: 
Truth serum-collage booster 1 fl oz / 30 ml - Provides skin with natures most potent anti-aging nutrients, deeply hydrates and calms with rose hips extract, green tea and Vitamin C
Sheer transformation 1 oz / 28 g - Feels light and silky as it penetrates, leaving behind a protective and restorative surface. Gradually reduces hyper pigmentation with licorice extract, actiwhite™ and Vitamin C and increases cell turnover rate with beta hydroxy acids and fruit acids
Invigorating night gel 1 oz / 28 g - This firming treatment contains botanical alpha hydroxy acids in concentrated amounts for rapid cell proliferation, exposing younger and firmer looking skin. Hydrates and prevents irritation with fruit acids suspended in purified algae extract, vitamins A, C and E, plus mucopolysaccharides

I cannot recommend the Sheer Transformation moisturiser and I am extremely happy to see the empty container in the recycling bin this week.  I’ll give the other two products another go in the next few weeks, and see if they survive Project 100 Pan!