Friday, April 8, 2011

French Manicure with Gel Nails

Recently I had gel nails applied with a view to having instantly pretty nails.  It worked!

I have had acrylic nails applied once before and was thrilled with the results, but after my first 'refill' I decided that they were way too much trouble.  Sitting still in a nail salon for an hour every other week was much more than I was willing to commit to.  However a few years on I found myself going back for another session.  A set of gel nails with tips in a french manicure set me back AUD $50.  Refills will cost AUD $35 if I decide to maintain these nails.

I am not a big fan of the process.  The filing and picking at my cuticles was really annoying, and the smell in the salon was overpowering.  The service in the salon was not one that encouraged relaxation, as I was shuffled from one assistant to another during the application process.  Putting the process aside, I was once again very happy with the results.

Here are the nails just applied.  The assistant described this as 'little bit square, little bit round'.  You may also hear it referred to as 'squoval'.  These were a little to square for me, and I immediately noticed a deterioration in the accuracy of my keyboard skills.

Just applied

The photos below are my nails after two weeks of wear.  I filed the square edges down and was thrilled that my nails still look lovely two weeks in.  As the manicure was a french polish, the regrowth is a natural colour and not obvious.
Two weeks later, square edges filed down
Two weeks later, square edges filed down

I don't believe I will refill these nails.  I am more likely to continue filing them down and eventually soak them off with acetone.  However if I had a special event coming up I would consider having another set applied.


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They look great! I've only had acrylics once, when I got married. Too much maintenance to maintain now, but they do look nice!

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