About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!

I’m often asked why I began blogging and vlogging. The answer is very simple. I could not find many beauty blogs and YouTube channel’s for people in my age range. I also noticed that many bloggers and gurus are hung up on MAC Cosmetics, and while I love their vast range of colours I believe there are so many other exciting brands to explore.

I love reading blogs, and watching tutorials and product reviews on YouTube, but noticed that the amount of products used sometimes is not what the ‘average’ woman would have in her make up kit. Quite often the amount of shimmer and glitter used look great initially, but if you work hard during the day or spend time chasing the kids around you may end up with your eye shadow working its way down your cheeks by morning tea! Have you ever visited the bathroom only to find you are suffering from major glitter fallout, and none of your colleagues or friends had the heart to tell you?

As an self proclaimed ‘beauty enthusiast’ I feel I have lots of useful information on beauty products to share, particularly for :

■ women over 30
■ women seeing those first signs of aging (GULP!)
■ working women, and
■ busy Mums.

As women I believe we have the ability to create and maintain such a special community. The friendship and comoradory that comes with sharing knowledge and beauty secrets is priceless.

I welcome any comments with ideas or suggestions to make this blog more interactive and fun to visit.

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