Friday, October 28, 2011

MsSparkleArkle website has moved!

Hi Everyone,

Wow!  What a learning experience!  You may have heard me talk about this already, but now it is official.

I've moved my blog to a self hosted setup, and have moved all of my content to the new location.  I've redirected my domain to the new website, so when you click on you will reach the most current information.

Thanks for your patience while I update everything.  All new posts will be on the new site.  There are links to RSS feeds, Twitter and Bloglovin on the new site too.

If you follow me through BLOGLOVIN, please re-subscribe by searching for under the add blog function, or follow the link on my updated site.

If you were one of the 90+ people following me through Google Friend Connect / Google reader, please re-connect on my new site to ensure you receive the new posts.

I am still working on Feedburner, but hope to have it all up and running in the next week or so.