Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stay out of the quicksand...

Okay, okay...  I know these are extremely late, but I ummmed and ahhhhed about whether to even commit to any New Years resolutions for 2011.  So here I am on a Saturday, putting my resolutions in writing.  Last year was tough for many of us, and so far 2011 is off to a rocky start. I'm starting my new year in February!

Before I get to the details of the resolutions, I must mention that I like to reflect on the year just gone to see whether there was a message for me.  Deep hey?  It is a really useful process and I encourage you to spend a moment 'listening' to the lessons from the year before.

In 2010 I made sure I lived by a simple dictum of 'if you fail to plan, plan to fail' and it served me very well.   It allowed me to save more money, arrange better insurance and superannuation choices, be more successful at work, and even slightly more organised around the home.  Slightly.  There is still a mountain of ironing to do!

The key learning for me in 2010 is just how short life can be.  I was constantly reminded of this throughout the year, watching numerous colleagues lose loved ones to illness, both suddenly and through long drawn out sickness.  Within my husbands family alone there were at least three deaths from avoidable accidents, medical complications, right through to someone drowning or suffocating in quicksand.  Yes, I said quicksand.  Apparently not just something you see in black & white movies! 

So on reflection I realise that 2010 taught me just how important it is to 'love what you do'.  So that statement will underpin everything I do in 2011. 

For those of you wanting to lose weight, grow your hair, find a partner, fall pregnant or any other special event... I wish you all the very best for the year ahead.  Let's check back in a few months and see how we are going.

Here's my list! There is no rocket science here.  These are all very simple ideas, but things I didn't do much of in 2010. 
  1. I will move my body more in an effort to improve my health
  2. I will take my makeup off before bed for cleaner pillowcases and better skin
  3. I will look in the mirror throughout the day as shimmer on my eyelids is sassy, but glitter fallout under my eye.... not so much
  4. I will dedicate some more time to my Blog as it has been lonely and is in desperate need of some attention.  It's not all about YouTube you know!
  5. I acknowledge that Life is short, so I will endeavour to take more time out to enjoy the kids, my family and my home.
What are your 2011 resolutions?  Please leave a comment below!

Until next time...


Bini said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great resolutions. Number 1 is on my list every single year haha.

I guess my number one resolution this year is to live my life in the present. Not in the past and not in the future, but to slow down and enjoy the moment

Jadegrrrl said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree great resolutions :)

I think this year will be the year of saving money and enjoying family time, and to keep my running up :)

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