Sunday, May 29, 2011

P100P #028 - CHANEL UV Essential Sunscreen

I have really enjoyed using the CHANEL UV Essential Sunscreen.  It offers SPF50, and does not cause irritation or breakouts on my skin like ya generic sunscreen does. 

I am parting with it as part of Project 100 Pan as I have owned it longer than 18 months, and I have been told that the active ingredients in sunscreen lose their effectiveness after a year.  It is now starting to separate, so it's time to go.

Of course price wise it was a bit extreme to turn to Chanel for sunscreen.  At the time I was desperate for something that worked without destroying my skin, and I was willing to pay upward of $50 for something would protect my freckles (that was my freckles - plural, not my 'freckle'!)

I have replaced this sunscreen with one from Murad which also works very nicely.  I would consider buying a similar product from Chanel again, if I could justify that I would use it up over a summer.