Thursday, March 10, 2011

CHANEL - Precision Lotion Confort Silky Soothing Toner

Chanel says...

Contains the de-pollution power of tulip tree extract
Hydrating properties of arum lily extract
Comfortably soothes & tones skin
Offers deep moisturising effects
Leaves skin fresh & supple


Currently on Strawberrynet for about AUD $49


I have had my bottle of this softening toner for around 8 months. I am about halfway through the bottle. The reason for my slow progress with this product is my continuing debate on whether toner is a necessary step in our beauty routines.

The lovely staff at my local Chanel counter enthusiastically reassured me that toning was essential and this toner would suit me. It smells lovely and leaves my face feeling refreshed, however more often than not I breeze right past it and straight onto moisturiser!

I don't believe I will repurchase this product. While it is a high quality product, I would be more likely to a search for a toner which is known to be a hero product in it's skincare line, such as SKII Treatment Essence or Shiseido Softening Lotion.

Do you tone?


Bini said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was always a bit vague about toner too. But do give Shiseido a try. It's not like normal toner, you can actually feel how it gives the skin back some moisture. It's also meant to exfoliate.
I think what they say is that your skin can absorb moisturiser better if you use toner beforehand

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I use a toner from Chanel too. The anti-pollution benefits make it a hero in my book as it rids my skin of all the minerals and flouride and stuff in tap water, and also leaves an environmental shield on my skin. I also get better results from my serums and creams. I too have skipped it and it showed within a few days. When I skip it my sensitive skin actually can become itchy from water residue stuff and flakey especially in my t zone. My skin is also dull when I skip it.

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